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Helgi Skuli Skulason

September 5, 1983


PhD Completed! Graduation expected in October 2013

Very, very short bio

Born and raised in Iceland. Trained for 10 years as a percussionist in jazz and classical music, had to delay my musical education as I started university. Delay is the keyword. Favorite instruments: Timpani and Vibraphone. Moved to Montreal in 2007 to pursue master and PhD degrees in engineering. Big fan of Formula 1 motor racing, been to every Canadian Grand Prix since 2008. Love travelling! Things I love about Montreal: festivals, multiculturalism, microbreweries and well educated population.

  • Travelling in San Francisco

  • Formula 1, Montreal

  • New Year's Eve, Iceland

Work Experience

2007 - present | McGill University

Research Assistant

  • ○ Caracterizing optical and electrical (DC - 110 GHz) properties of graphene.

  • ○ Fabricating graphene devices.

2005 - 2007 | University of Iceland

Summer Undergraduate Researcher

  • ○ Designed and fabricated a plasma asher using a consumer microwave oven for University of Iceland's cleanroom. See video.

  • ○ Measured thermal radiation of nanowire THz antennas. Published in Phys. Rev. B. 78, 085402 (2008).

  • ○ Assisted with nanometer circuit fabrication using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Electron Beam Lithography.


McGill University (2007 - present)

  • ○ Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering
    (Expected Q1 2013)

  • ○ M.Eng. Electrical Engineering (2009)

University of Iceland (2003 - 2007)

  • ○ B.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering (2007)

  • ○ B.Sc. Physics (2007)

Teaching Experience

McGill University (2008 - 2011)

  • ○ 10 TA positions: tutorials, labs and grading

University of Iceland (2005 - 2006)

  • ○ 3 TA positions: tutorials, labs and grading

Skills and Accomplishments

○ First to measure high-frequency resistance of large-area graphene, RF Faraday rotation in graphene and graphene RF isolator. Currently working on world first voltage controlled RF isolator.

○ My work has been cited 84 times (Web Of Knowledge, Jan 2013).

○ Experienced in semiconductor physics, design & characterization.

○ Compled courses in semiconductor physics & devices, CMOS sensor microsystems, microwave electronics, nanoelectronic devices, optical engineering & waveguides and optoelectronic devices.

○ Extensive experience with high-precision RF measurements and calibrations (SOLT/TRM/TRL/SSLT on-wafer & waveguide) up to 110 GHz.

○ Extensive experience designing and developing automated experiments and instrument drivers using LabVIEW.

○ Extensive experience with cleanroom fabrication: photolithography, electron beam lithography (EBL), thin film deposition, wet/dry etching.

○ Experience running cryostats down to 300 mK and superconducting electromagnets up to 7 T.

○ Experience with scanning electron microscope (SEM), atomic force microscope (AFM), various AC/DC and optical equipments.

○ Extensive experience using Matlab, LabVIEW, LATEX, HTML, PHP, MySQL

○ Experience using ADS, HFSS, CST, Simulink, Spice, Java, C/C++, assembly languages, Coventor, MS Office. MacOS, Windows, Linux.

Selected Publications and Presentations

○ H.S. Skulason, H.V. Nguyen, A. Guermoune, M. Siaj, C. Caloz, and T. Szkopek, “High-Frequency Coplanar Waveguide Graphene Circuit Components on Low-Loss Dielectric Substrates”, Graphene Technology: Production, Assembly and Applications, 12th International Conference on Science and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes, Cambridge, UK, 11-16 July (2011)

○ H.S. Skulason, V.-H. Nguyen, A. Guermoune, V. Sridharan, M. Siaj, C. Caloz, and T. Szkopek, “110 GHz measurement of large-area graphene integrated in low-loss microwave structures” Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 153504 (2011) (Link)

○ H.S. Skulason, P. E. Gaskell and T. Szkopek, “Optical reflection and transmission properties of exfoliated graphite from a graphene monolayer to several hundred graphene layers”, Nanotechnology 21, 295709 (2010) (Link)

○ P.E. Gaskell, H.S. Skulason, C. Rodenchuk, and T. Szkopek, “Counting Graphene Layers on Glass via Optical Reflection Microscopy ”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 143101 (2009) (Link)

○ H.S. Skulason and S. Ingvarsson, “Rafgasorbylgjuofn (e. Microwave Plasma Etcher)“, Natural Science Symposium in Reykjavik, March 3-4 (2006)

Graphene Microwave Electronics

Projects include characterization of graphene ultra-wideband resistance (DC to 110 GHz), Faraday rotation, Salisbury screening and graphene RF isolators. A multidisciplinary team lead by Prof. Thomas Szkopek (McGill University), Prof. Mohamed Siaj (UQAM) and Prof. Christophe Caloz (Ecole-Polytechnique).

Optical Properties of Graphene

Graphene - single layer to graphite - has been characterized in the visible spectrum. Detailed experimental and theoretical calculations Optical properties from one layer of graphene to graphite were calculated and measured.


Various LabVIEW software been designed and programmed since 2007 to control instruments and experiments such as hall measurement, semiconductor parameter analyzers, vector network analyzers etc.

Microwave Oven Plasma Asher

Summer 2005 I designed and built a plasma asher from a modified consumer microwave oven and a homemade gas control system. Designed to clean organic contaminants off a wide range of materials such as semiconductors, ceramics and metals. See video.

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Helgi Skuli Skulason,
McGill University,
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
3480 University Street, Room 609,
Montreal, H3A 2A7,